Adreus is a Greek Demigod and a son of Ares. More than 3,000 years old, Adreus is the lieutenant of the Archers of Apollo, having previously been the last leader of the Gargareans during a war against the Amazons.


Adreus was the son of Ares, the god of war and Eiropne, an Amazon. He grew up during the reign of Queen Antianeira, who punished the neighboring Gargareans for what happened to their queen Penthesilea in the Trojan War. Adreus survived, and helped lead the rebellion years later. He and Leriphon took the Gargareans to the shores of Asia Minor, taking Amazon ships and killing anyone who got in their way. They made their way to Greece, where the Athenians were willing to help them when the Amazons attacked with their allies. At some point in the battle, he faced off against Antianeira, and defeated her with the help of Leriphon, who was killed by the Amazon.

Adreus, still on the battlefield, stumbled across a dying Greek soldier, but would not let him die. By helping the soldier as best he could, the Greek revealed himself as Apollo, who told him hit kindness was an act of potential. Apollo assured him one day he would create a new army, more powerful then any before. But until then, Adreus was left immortal, to wander on his own until Apollo truly needed his service.

For the next half century, Adreus travelled from nation to nation, until word spread of a god made mortal, a child born to both Apollo and Aphrodite. Adreus tracked the child down, finding him on the island of Crete. He found the young god, who Apollo said was called Apophroditus. Apollo told Adreus that after his birth, Ares had Deimos and Phobos take the young god to the Underworld, where he was thrown into the River Lethe, and that he would soon forget his godhood and lose his immortality.

God of the Eclipse

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Adreus is strongly devoted and loyal to his leader and uncle Apollo, remaining his lieutenant after thousands of years.


Even after thousands of years, Adreus still holds resentment for his father Ares, still not having forgiven him for attempting to kill Apophroditus.