Adreus: Divided we fall!


–Adreus and the Archers in the Leto Arena, God of the Eclipse

The Archers of Apollo are a society of male humans, demigods and numerous minor gods and spirits who have each sworn loyalty and service to Apollo. For thousands of years they had led minor campaigns against monsters and numerous enemies of the gods, preventing their numbers from getting out of hand. Their homeland is a city named Leto, located far off the coast.

Following the Second Olympian War, the Archers came out of hiding, beginning a new war against all monster-kind, intending to eradicate them one and for all. With Apollo currently stripped of his godhood as punishment by Zeus, the archers are now under the full control of Dionysus, which has caused tensions between them and Dionysus' followers, the Maenads.

As the original archers are the last surviving Gargareans, the archers also worship many of the same gods the Amazons do, including Ares, Athena and Artemis.


Under the command of Apollo, the archers are tasked with maintaining order wherever they see it; due to this, the archers have become a greatly militarised group, and have made both major improvements to face threats and contingency plans to use against any opponent they face, including many non-Olympian gods.

By the events of The Last Olympian, almost all archers agreed that monsters had outstayed their welcome, and make huge plans to wipe them out for good, despite protests from the sons of Poseidon and Hecate, who value the company of monsters better than most.

Like their immortal lovers, the Maidens of Aphrodite, their own name "Archers" is a misnomer, as very few archers actually wield or fight with a bow and arrow. Many have attempted to rename the group the "Soldiers" or "Rangers" of Apollo, but keep Archer as an honorary title, respecting Apollo himself as one of the Twin Archers.



The archers were founded following the end of the Second Amazon War, where Adreus, the new leader of the Gargareans, stumbled upon a hooded figure begging for help. Adreus tended his wound, doing what he could to help the man. Adreus discovered however that the man was actually the god Apollo. Apollo granted Adreus immortality for his kindness. However, Adreus decided he would lead the Gargareans to a new life, deciding to meet with Apollo again, knowing there were great plans ahead. Adreus would not see Apollo for many years, and over those years, learned to become a better ruler. Adreus had heard that Aphrodite was pregnant with Apollo's child. Knowing Ares would try to kill or punish the child once it was born, Apollo found Adreus and the Gargareans, asking for their help. The Gargareans and their allies led a short war against an army sent by Ares, Phobos and Deimos. The Gargareans won the battle, and as a reward, were given a choice, remain mortal or become his immortal followers. Most, including Adreus, accepted his officer, and Adreus became one of Apollo's lieutenants. While the mortal Gargarean tribes died out soon after, Adreus and the original archers still continue many Gargarean traditions.

Knowing that he required help keeping the power of his archers in check, Apollo agreed to have Dionysus take command of the archers in the winter months.

For thousands of years, the archers remained out of reach for most potential recruits, only choosing the best of the best, including heroes, leaders, rulers, generals and politicians. Once a century, a number of chosen archers would journey to the underworld, offering Hades escaped monsters and enemies in exchange for recruits who had died prematurely. For many centuries the archers have mingled with Amazons, as well as the followers of Aphrodite, known as the Maidens of Aphrodite, and have conceived countless children with them. Many of their daughters have joined the Hunters of Artemis, continuing their alliance.

The archers have engaged many enemies other the millennia, even coming into conflict with Dionysus' Maenads, as well as the Makhai. Ever since World War II, Apollo has decreed that all archers must be eighteen years of age physically, where it's senior members or officers must be of at least twenty five years of age, as Adreus is.

Second Olympian War

The archers were mostly absent from any involvement in the war, though some did attend the festivities following the rescuing of Artemis. Many demigods present confused them as gods.

The archers aided Artemis in finding new recruits, knowing many of their daughters were eager to join the hunt.

A New War

Artemis: How many are there?

Adreus: Enough

–Adreus and Artemis, witnessing Apollo's Army

Believing now was the time to act, Apollo sent a number of Archers to the Underworld, who were sons of Hades and Hecate, to strike a deal Hades. An agreement was made; Hades would grant them a list of souls to bring back from the Underworld to service Apollo, trading them for any and all escaped souls and wanted monsters he desired. Along with that, another deal was made to forge Stygian Iron weapons for Adreus and his other lieutenants. Adreus and several others would seek out and capture Laelaps to maintain their agreement with Hades.

Meanwhile, numerous archers were sent to find worthy recruits. Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter, Camp Asgard and Camp Cairo were visited. Sometime later, with Apollo, Dionysus, Artemis and her hunters present, Apollo's Army was finally assembled in the Sonoran Desert.

Third fall of Apollo

With Apollo being stripped of his immortality and godhood for the third time, the archers began to feel a steady decline in their strength and power. Their services were given over to Dionysus during Apollo's absence.

Abilities and skills

The archers all possess immortality. Being tasked with keeping all mortals safe from monsters, the archers have Apollo's powers and if the archers have recruited anyone who possesses a specific ability, all archers will receive that same ability. They even possess a much stronger scent than normal demigods, able to draw in any monsters away from mortals from more than 10 miles away. Like the Hunters of Artemis, the archers also possess their own aura, though it appears during the day, and as an golden white aura instead of the Hunter's silver aura that appears during the nighttime.

Their strength and senses are known to rival that of a god, and they can easily sense when they are being lied to. They have a photographic memory, allowing them to recall ancient events. Like the gods they are resistant to most forms of sorcery and a range of curses, but can be effected if they chose to be (as with the Maidens of Aphrodite) and can manipulate the mist as sharply as the gods can. They also have the innate ability to speak any language they want fluently. Unlike Apollo, the can only see into the past, not the future, as that power is only reserved for the Oracle of Delphi and Apollo himself. One of the greatest powers they possess however is the ability to temporarily cause an opponent to lose their powers; demigods, monsters and even minor gods, such as when Adreus faced Phobos in God of the Eclipse.

Also, as shown in God of the Eclipse, archers such as Adreus and Apophroditus possess Roman forms, as their power existed during the times of Ancient Rome. Wether they possess Etruscan forms is unknown.

Known Archers

Former members